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Hello! Surprise! I'm alive! 

Have you all been doing well?

After much thought, I've decided to post this journal...As a memoir of sorts for myself... on a site I don't use very much anymore, but I still hold very dear to my heart. After all DA is the reason for propelling interest in art.

Fair warning!

As this will probably end up as a very long read, I'd like to thank the many and people I've met, the wonderful friends I've made, and the many artists that have inspired me throughout my stay at deviantart. Also of course, YOU, dear reader. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to glance at this post. THANK YOU! 

It's the year 2017! I've graduated college! I passed our board exam with high grades! I got a job! I've enrolled at uni for Med School! I'm ecstatic and hopeful for the future! the same time...I'm not. 

You see...When I was in High school I was dead set on getting into a program connected to art.
As a student I loved drawing. Even if my drawings were total crap I still drew. I wanted so much to enroll in art classes, but my parents never supported my hobbies. I was never really gifted at art and only drew what I wanted to draw..which was anime. LOL. Maybe those were reasons why my parents never supported me getting a career in art. Come the year of college applications, I decided to try my luck applying for Architecture, while listing Medical Technology as a second choice. Thankfully my father were sort of okay with me going to Architecture school, but my mother was not. I think she always expected me to become a doctor like her when I grew up... that led me to choose my second choice, Medical Technology, rather than Architecture, as a career path even if I got into both programs.

I never really had much say in crucial decisions in my life, but I thought that maybe this WAS the right choice. Maybe Art and I were never really meant to be together. I didn't have much of a clue what Medical Technologists did. I only had in mind that it was a good pre-med course and it would help me a lot in medschool. Come third year when all our major subjects rolled in.. I finally figured out what Medical Technologists did..and I..wasn't so happy about it. I wanted to quit. My grades started slipping and I lost my scholarship. In the end though.. I didn't. My third year in college was also the year I started using my art accounts less and less. I lost contact with close friends I've made, I drew less and less.

During our internship year, I started warming up to my profession. I found out that I was actually helping people with my work, things were starting to turn up, and I got awarded as Most Outstanding Intern of the Year, BUT!! IT WAS 2016!! Let's just say 2016 was NOT My year. I was sad a LOT. It came to the point that I often went out alone and wandered for long periods of time without telling anybody, and people thought I ran away. What used to cheer me up didn't have any effect on me anymore, drawing, videogames, my friends..I was just sad? In a numb way. I distanced myself more and more from art.. from my "Skye" persona. This handle used to be where I vented out my stress, but I feared I was bothering people so I stopped. 

After graduating college, and I went through 2 months of exhausting review classes for the board exams and thankfully passed. I applied for a job thereafter and got into the hospital of my choice and applied to the med school of my choice. Things are looking good for 2017 in a way...I feel like there's something missing though.  I feel like I've lost so many things along the way to get to where I am... 

Sorry for rambling.
Halloween 2016
A bit late for Halloween, I know.
Sorry for the inactivity (I've said this about a million times now) ! Trying to somehow restore make drawing fun again :( Unfortunately internship killed any time I had for drawing and what not..
Good news though, is that I've graduated and have passed the board exam for Medical Technologists! :) Still underaged though and am not yet licensed 

ALSO!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO POKEMON SUN AND MOOOON. Please hit me up if any of you want to play once it comes out ;9


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